My goal with OML is to give customers a unique candy experience! From fun & funky designs and flavors, to unique gift sets, and custom designed lollipops, I wanted something fun for people to look forward to! 


What are your ingredients?

We use: Cane Sugar, Light Corn Syrup, Filtered Water, cream of tartar and flavor oils.

All of our Lolly's are gluten free, dairy free and vegan!

The only Lolly's that are not vegan, are the tea sticks, as they use honey!

We never put anything inside our lollipops that are not edible!

When will I receive my order?

We need a full week of processing for custom orders. Depending on size, time can vary!

Contact us if you need them by a specific date!

NOTE: If picking up locally and you do not pick up the day specified, we are not liable for anything that happens to your lollipops! We will hold them as safe as we can, but we can not ensure that humidity wont get to them. If you do not pick up on your specified day, you understand this risk and how we are unable to remake your order. We hope you understand!

What discounts do you have on bulk orders?

Orders of over 100, will receive 10% off. 

How do I send you my image for my lollipop?

We are currently finding a way for an upload button, in the mean time send us an email in the "Contact Us!" section with your name as placed on the order. We will answer your email to connect you to the order and from there you can send your images through an attachment. Please make sure they are of high quality. Blurry or dark images do not turn out well, and we want you to be satisfied with your product!


Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer a refund if the item has been shipped. If an item needs to be canceled, a full refund will be issued if it has not been started. If your order has been started but not completed, we reserve the right to withhold 50%.

Damage during transit?

We are not liable for any damage made during transit. We do everything we can to ensure safe delivery with our lollipops as possible. Contact us if you have questions! We usually send replacements for broken items!


Why is my lollipop sticky?

Humidity is not a lollipops friend. After receiving your lollipops we recommend keeping them away from any direct sun and warm environments. Keep them stored in an air tight container or a dark place in your home for best keeping, never the refrigerator!